Even with a “good” diet and clean eating, a lot of us will fall short of our nutritional needs. A flexible dieter such as myself, who is 1) trying to gain muscle, and 2) on the larger side of the spectrum in terms of height and weight will have to eat a ton of protein. I love eggs and meat and all, but its hard to consume THAT much, so supplements like a good whey protein are beneficial.

Other supplements can be highly effective, and almost impossible to consume without supplementation. Creatine is one of the longest known, and most effective sports supplements. It is found naturally in skeletal muscles of animals, even in your own body. However the amount needed to see the benefits would require a mountain of red meat to reproduce.

If your nutrition is on point, this may not be for you. But lets be honest, most of us fall short in a lot of the areas we need, whether it be food or rest. No shame in maximizing your gains.

Some supplements don’t need to be oversold with hype and fake promises. They stand the test of time, because of a track record of results. Find the best deals on your preferred brands.

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