Strong Nutrition

America has come to the point where I don’t feel like “common sense” is a good response to basic diet needs. What used to be a simple matter of eating what was available on a farm or at a market has now become a multi billion dollar industry of processed foods, aimed at you to help you save time. Unfortunately the time you save on the front end of your meal preparation MIGHT be time you pay back (with interest) with visits to the doctor, waiting at the pharmacy for medicines to manage cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, etc.

The simple answer is to just make your own food. This will give you a foothold into understanding the stuff you’re actually putting into your own body. This is an element of health and well-being that is very much within the scope of your own control. It would be foolish to let your nutritional decisions be made by an outside source that doesn’t know you.

The second half of the simple answer is flexible dieting. It is  the most effective way to manage your caloric input without having to resort to bland eating, and without subjecting yourself to crash or fad diets.

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