Odd Object Strength

Strongman is the king of moving odd objects, and this often requires massive grip strength. But does a world exist where my inability to actually deadlift a car, or log press my own bodyweight won’t count against me, and a world where I can put my lifetime of…. uh, forearm strength development to good use?

Meet The vise Grip Viking Odd Haugen, and meet the sport of Armlifting.


Odd Haugen at The Fit Expo, Los Angeles (from www.thefitexpo.com)

Armlifting is a sport that can essentially be compared to various deadlift variations, typically performed with a single arm, and utilizing many different grip methods. There are many different competitions, and federations with their specific rules, but the general, common goal is simple: grab the object, and stand while maintaining control of the grip and the weight. And Odd Haugen, the Norwegian-American strongman, is the long lived king of the sport.

Though there are limitless ways to test grip and arm strength, some of the more common events you may see in a competition include:

Hub Lift

Rolling Handle Lift

Pinch Block

The Horn

The Gripper

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