Because SOME of You Insist on Using Your Garage as a Garage…

The decision to pull the trigger on a home gym or a garage gym is always tough. Not only does the initial sticker shock of some power racks and benches make it easier to just stick to paying gym fees, often time space is a concern. Because most of us buy homes without “home gym” being a priority, we end up having to find spare space, usually in the basement or the garage. And in all likelihood, both of those spaces are STILL being used to house something else, like your epic collection of vinyl Poison and Def Leppard albums in the basement, or the car in the garage.

An easier way to handle this challenge is with a fold back rack. These are racks that can be fully functioning for your workouts, that can be folded flat against a wall when not in use. You can maintain space for your car and your totally bitchin’ music that you never listen to anymore, and you can still get righteously swole in the convenience of your home.


  • 91″ height – can fit most standard ceiling heights
  • Available with 21″ and 41″ depth, for varying amounts of space
  • 2″x3″ steel construction
  • $315 to get started


rogue rack.jpg

  • 90″ height, it can fit most residential ceilings
  • Available in 21.5″ or 41.5″ depth
  • 3″x3″ steel construction
  • $495 to get started

Weighing the Options


Rogue is the winner here, with not only heavier duty support members, but also the actual wall mount itself. Titan does not provide any backing material for a solid wall mount. This is not a big problem to fix, it can be remedied with two lengths of 2×8 lumber, but Rogue provides the option for you, with carefully measured and custom stringers.


Its a wash, both systems are simple enough for anyone who has at least seen a power tool once in their lifetime. If you are not confident with simple home repairs and upgrades, a little shoulder tapping should find you someone with enough skill to give you assistance. Perhaps even your 8 year old child, because its really that simple to mount either rack.


Titan wins in this category, coming in over $100 cheaper. $100 can go a long way in helping shell out for other gym toys.

The Winner

Rogue is my personal choice, for the simple sake of durability. Lifting weights isn’t a delicate activity, and I want something that is going to be built a little more solidly to withstand the repetitive stress. If you want to be getting under a bar, I will always lean towards the equipment that will be overbuilt.

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