This is Me Fake Caring About Fake Weights

Spoiler Alert: Bruce Wayne isn’t a real person. Batman is a fictional character who never actually studied the dark arts of ninjitsu under the tutelage of Ra’s al Ghul.

There is an epidemic sweeping the social media fitness world. It is the epidemic of fake weights, and the hero of this movement is a guy known as Brad Castleberry. I tried to resist the urge to discuss this, but I couldn’t hold out. I actually do want to eat lunch with the cool kids, so sacrifices must be made.

Mr. Castleberry is a social media star, with thousands of followers on his many social media platforms. Part of his fame, is video feats of strength that would appear to be superhuman. 600+ pound bench presses, 225 pound curls, the list goes on. He appears to be as if he was pulled from the pages from a comic book. Whatever his billed height and weight is aside, he appears to be pretty yoked. He’s definitely bigger than I am, and bigger than most gym bros. As much as you want to bust his balls over fake weights, you can’t take the image away from him. He’s undeniably big.

Without actually address the validity of his strength performances or his height and weight, I think we should take a look at the one thing that he definitely is NOT:

A Competitive Strength Athlete

The guy is not a competitor in any strength sport. The amounts of weights that he supposedly lifts are not etched in any record book, outside of maybe a little spiral notebook he keeps for gym notes. He never beat you in a powerlifting meet with fake weights, causing you to feel the sting and shame of defeat, while he enjoyed the glory of a cheated victory. He didn’t qualify for any event, taking the last competitor spot away from you… while you busted your ass and worked hard, and he qualified with a fake weight performance.

Some of the things that he is:

A Bodybuilder – His origins began in the sport of bodybuilding. While his fame may be carried by social media, he got into the game as a bodybuilder. And nowhere is any bodybuilding competition judged on how much he can bench or squat. It is purely aesthetic. You can debate his ability in this realm until you are blue in the face if you are happy, but in the end a bodybuilder really only cares about building aesthetic muscle mass, even if it takes reps with 5 pounds to accomplish it.

An Actor Playing a Role – A guy who gets on camera, and hams it up and plays make believe. His fame, his income, is all based on clicks and notoriety. Just as any media outlet just wants to have it’s product seen, he is no different. And just like other actors, he may rely on special effects, story lines, and fun film tricks to make something that is worth watching by other people.

  • Batman isn’t real, you don’t need to begin an internet crusade against how it is all fake.
  • The guys from Super Troopers aren’t Vermont Highway Cops, they aren’t even from Vermont. They are CANADIAN.
  • You can also stop analyzing the timeline of the Terminator series. The franchise still kicks ass, and we all know the math makes no sense.
  • Pro Wrestling is staged.
  • However Superman would totally beat Goku’s ass in a fight, and I have the math to prove it.

So that was my effort to actually care that he may use fake weights to tell a story. If you think he brings shame on the industry, maybe don’t pay him any mind. Because his performances on YouTube aren’t happening in sanctioned meets, and the record that you don’t actually hold didn’t actually get broken by him. What he is, is an entertainer. And he does it well. And if it bothers you that he uses props to make it fun, I can’t imagine how miserable you must be to watch movies with. So pardon me while I really don’t mind that he may use fake weights for his image.

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