The Single Greatest Piece of Gym Equipment Ever Created

In the beginning, there was the barbell. Lifter bro saw this barbell, and it was good. On the first day, lifter bro lifted the barbell. And all of life as we know it fell into place.

There is no piece of equipment more integral to strength training than a simple barbell. No system of strength training can develop the amount of human power that can be built with compound barbell lifts. All other pieces of equipment, racks, benches and the like, are built to facilitate barbell use of different types. Without the bar, that equipment becomes useless. The bar is the cornerstone of the building of strength.


And with this perfect piece of fitness equipment, comes innovation. What was once just a long piece of steel with comical orbs of iron on the ends, turned into bars where weights could be adjusted. And even the modern barbell as we know it has come to be perfected, in my opinion, by Rogue Fitness. Rogue created the Ohio Bar, and with that creation, may have found the final answer. I previously assumed all bars were created equal, until the final four years of my military career, where the installation gyms I started going to were stocked with this bar.

The Rogue Ohio Bar in action, with SBT, getting in some (sloppy) deadlift work!

The Knurling

  • The Good: The Ohio Bar has a standard knurling pattern, but what makes it ideal in this area is the aggressiveness of the knurl. It is deep enough to pull serious weight bare handed, so strap use can be minimized.
  • The Bad: The standard Ohio Bar does not have center knurling, so for squats, its not ideal. Fret not, Rogue does make the Ohio Power Bar, which has center knurling for squats. (Its also a proper 45 pound bar, vs. the 20 kg that godless commies would prefer)

The Whip

  • The Good: The Ohio Bar has good whip, which is ideal for lifts off the floor, whether it is Olympic movements or deadlifts.
  • The Bad: If you are going to attempt very heavy squats or bench press, you’ll want a bar with no whip. Again, the Ohio Power Bar is your answer if this is a need of yours. However, the bar is still stiff enough to handle what most of us normal folk would consider “heavy.”

The Price

  • The Good: The Ohio Bar will start at $282.00, which is a steal for a bar of this quality. This also comes with a lifetime guarantee from Rogue. This is a long term investment for your home or garage gym.
  • The Bad: None. This bar is the best bar you will ever use, and again, lifetime warranty. There is literally no downside.

The Verdict

If there is one item I would say is NECESSARY to be the first purchase for your home gym, it would be a Rogue Ohio Bar. This is the first step towards building a successful platform for strength training in your own home. The barbell is the foundation for the most effective strength training you can do, you might as well make the effort to do it right the first time.

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