From Strongboy to Strongman: Gym Variations of Carry Events

Carrying events are always a thrill to watch at World’s Strongest Man events. Not only a display of brute strength, as the competitors are often bare handed carrying items over 300 pounds per hand, but it adds the element of human movement. This is where you can see the fitness level and conditioning of these athletes really come in to play. Sure, its not the World’s Fittest Man competition, but conditioning and movement ability is part of what makes Strongman unique among other strength sports like powerlifting or highland games. And what better way to separate the men from the boys by forcing someone to dig deeper into the realms of pain and discomfort?

For the regular gym goer, carrying events can be a fun way to bolster your cardiovascular work. Why churn away for an hour on a hamster wheel and become a zombie when instead you can stimulate your mind a bit with high intensity interval training involving different objects and movements. Plus the added benefit of getting more work done in shorter time. Carrying is the most easily replicated event one can bring into your everyday commercial globo-gym.

Frame Carry vs. Trap Bar Carry
Sure, the frames are likely a bit bulkier and spread out than a trap bar, but the trap bar allows you to work from inside a fixed implement, making you mindful of foot placement and balance

Farmers Carry vs. Barbell Farmers Carry
The cheap and easy way out of doing a farmers carry would be to use dumbbells or kettlebells. But if you watch strongman events, their farmer’s handles are often very lengthy. As your body sways, it takes a LOT of extra core work to remain stable. You can mimic this the best by carrying bars. (Try it with the shorter, fixed bars if your gym isn’t particularly spacious.

Conan’s Wheel vs. Zercher Carry
Outside of strongman specific gyms, you will likely never see a Conan’s Wheel. Its a fiendish device that requires exceptional core strength and thoracic bracing to move. And have fun keeping that good bracing while you struggle for air as you grow weary and fatigued! A Zercher Carry will give you the same unpleasant experience, without the bulky special equipment.

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