No Dropping the Weights

A lot of us are members of gyms that are not equipped for some of the demands a Crossfit program would ask of us. Many times, gyms are not friendly to certain concepts like dropping weights. Perhaps they are simply not equipped for it, lacking platforms and bumper plates, or perhaps you go to a gym full of delicate and emotional folk who feel that its intimidating if you make noise when you work out. And other folks might be road warriors, spending much of the year trying to make it work with a mix of hotel gyms or gym passes at a strange new gym.

The variation in movements and methods is something that sets Crossfit apart. And while I don’t subscribe that it is a school of thought that is inherently more effective than other programs, there is no doubt that the variation does allow for a little more mental stimulation. So that makes it even more frustrating to find effective workouts with limited resources. Some of you may be very creative, and able to adapt your workouts to these limited settings. You’ll find methods to check the box on every aspect of functionality even if all you have is a 10 lb purple plastic rubber dumbbell and a broken cable machine in a broken down hotel. But for others, why hurt your head trying to think of these things? Let someone else do the hard thinking work for you, save your efforts for the hard physical work.

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