Strength vs. Speed

The name of the sport “powerlifting” should give away more information than it does. But alas, to some folks just getting interest in the sport, the focus becomes honed in on developing strength, versus developing power. And why not? Throwing the big wheels on the bar and heaving up a big weight is good for the feelz. And it is easy to get lost in the chase of bigger weights. For many basic bros, its very hard to dial it back.

Applying speed to the bar is how you generate the power. Power itself is actually force divided by time. So it stands if you can move a weight in shorter time (faster) you are beginning to focus on your capacity to generate power. If you are in Bro Science 101 and you are peeking into Powerlifting 101 to mix things up, dialing back the weight and working on bar speed is actually where you are going to make the big changes in your ability to move weights. Chad Wesley Smith from Juggernaut Training Systems put it well: “Treat 135 like your max, and treat your max like 135.” Your approach to a lift, your set up, the method by which you apply force on to the bar, should be ¬†the same. Heavy weights should not be the point where you slow down and grind out reps.

The popular method for developing speed is a Conjugate Method, similar to (but not necessarily the same as) the Westside Method. But its not the only way.

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