To Cap it All Off

The concept of “broad shoulders” has been a staple of general manhoodliness since the dawn of time. What better way to broadcast to a future mate that you are built to carry a mammoth carcass back to the cave, than a broad yoke upon which you can place animal parts. But these days, its not enough to just be yoked with a wide berth across your shoulders. You need to have three dimensional shape and definition to your shoulders. The elusive “capped delts.”

Some might suggest that the visibility of capped delts is a sign of steroid use, as the deltoid muscles are reputed to have a higher density of androgen receptors compared to other lean bits of muscle mass. Whether or not this is true, the one fact I DO know is that my lack of rounded deltoids is what caused me to give up on my bodybuilding dreams and pursue strength sports where nobody will critique my shapeless shoulders. However not all of you are doomed to have the same unfortunate muscle insertion points and muscle bellies. Some of you, even without gear, will be able to build some cannonball delts. You just need to approach it the right way.

Here are some starters to try out.

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