Water Weight

Today I’ll do a bit to address preparation for high school, college or club athletics. I probably should’ve started this earlier in the summer, with sports that are more fun and viewer friendly. But alas, if you are a football player you’re probably deeply entrenched into your summer workouts. And any other fall sports are too close, and you are too late in the game to make big changes to your preparation. So moving on to winter sports….

Some sports specific weight and dryland work is in store for you today. Now, you may not actually be a high school athlete. Maybe you’re an old geezer like myself, and you’re into the Masters type competition. It matters not, you can still prepare to kick righteous butt in whatever level you’re at. Swimming presents its own unique challenges when designing a strength program. My own personal battles in this arena pertain more to bulk/mass and flexibility. Water is quite a bit more dense than air, so any added mass will be felt with significant more drag than if you were on land, moving through air. And shoulder mobility can be lost quickly as muscles get packed into the shoulders and upper back. So approach your strength program wisely.

Dryland Periodization Phase I (from USA Swimming)

Dryland Periodization Phase II (from USA Swimming)

Natalie Coughlin: Training for Success (from Outside TV)

Conditioning Corner: It Takes an Olympian Like Effort (from USA Swimming)

NC State Swimming Dryland Exercises (from Brian Via)

Swimming Strength and Conditioning with James Guy (from World Sport)

Strength & Conditioning Exercises to Create Well Rounded Swimmers Pt.1 (from ChampionshipProductions)

Strength & Conditioning Exercises to Create Well Rounded Swimmers Pt.2 (from ChampionshipProductions)

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