Beach Muscles for Strongman

Beach muscles are often discounted when it comes to strength sports, or other “sports of fitness.” Big, compound movements will always be the king of developing massive strength, and rightfully so. But jacked (and tan, and vascular) pipes shouldn’t be the domain of bodybuilders and beach muscle fanatics alone. The biceps are a more intricate and vital muscle for upper body movement than they are given credit for, they are more than just for looking awesome in my extra-smedium polo shirt sleeves.

Biceps tears are one of the most common injuries in strongman (and not uncommon for powerlifters either). Mainly because the bicep is so heavily involved in upper body movement and manipulation of the world around us. It is connected to two separate joints, and as such plays a part in movement and control of both joints. But wait, there’s more! Not just movement of the joints as it pertains to levers, but the biceps are also controlling much of the rotation of the forearm. To be a complete, and healthier athlete, you can’t ignore some of the most important muscles that SUPPORT the brute strength that you show in the compound lifts. But you don’t need to do Bro Science 101 staples like drop sets to failure.

Here are some strong ways to approach the topic.

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