Bigger. Faster. Stronger. But Especially Bigger.

Like many of the more senior representatives of millennial (shoot me if I say that again) gym rats, I was swayed at an early age by the covers of magazines at the store. Muscle and Fictio… I mean Muscle and Fitness, and especially FLEX magazine. The likes of Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler and Nasser El Sonbaty were the faces of bodybuilding, and the faces of a new breed: The Mass Monster. While Arnold may have given the sport of bodybuilding a new breath of life, these guys were pushing the limits and changing the appearance of everything. They were simply MASSIVE.

Even into the 1980s, you might see guys like Lee Haney at the top of the game, with a contest weight south of 250 pounds. Fast forward into the 15 years and Ronnie Coleman is the face of the sport and the stages upon which he walked likely had to be reinforced for his 300 pound contest weight.

In modern times, there is a growing movement to hearken back to the golden age of aesthetics. And praise by to Zyzz for this, I personally think its a better look. I think when I saw those lifter mags in my early years, I just didnt have perspective. In addition to a better look, its a bit healthier to walk around carrying a little less mass. Healthier on your heart, plus you can keep a bit better level of conditioning. I for one welcome our new aesthetic overlords. And here are some of the new breed, and their methods.

Full IFBB Pro Chest & Triceps Workout w/ Jeff Seid (from Jeff Seid)

Matt Ogus – Shoulders and Arms Workout (EXPLAINED) (from Matt Ogus)

Jaco De Bruyn Shoulder Workout – Jaco Shoulder Training (from Jaco De Bruyn)

Develop a V-Taper Back – Rob Riches (from Rob Riches)

Train To Grow | Full Body Workout (from Steve Cook)

TEEN SENSATION ANDRE DEIU – LEG DAY – DAY 5 OF 5 (from Fit Media Channel)

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