Get a Grip

Much focus and attention is given, and rightfully so, to building a solid core and solid base. After all, who cares how much you can bench, if your body can’t transfer power in a real world capacity? (Just kidding we all still care how much we can bench…) But in the sport of strongman, or even the sport of helping your friend move a new sofa into his apartment, sometimes you need to view things at the other end of the chain. You’ve worked hard to develop the tree trunk thighs, horse ass and thick core that enable you to exert force onto the world around you. The very appendages given to you by nature to pick up, manipulate tools, and shovel Krispy Kreme donuts down your gullet need to be prepared to handle all that real world force. No, the donuts aren’t particularly heavy, even in the amount you eat them. nor is the gallon of whole milk you pick up to wash it all down.

But back to the sofa, or a farmer’s carry, etc. Are your meat hooks all they can be? What are some proven methods outside of just wrist curls, to prepare yourself for real, hard work?

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