Couch to 5K

Running is often the first foray into an active lifestyle for many people. It requires no special equipment or gym memberships, it can be done anywhere, any time. And for some, it allows them to get great exercise away from the prying eyes of other gym members. But the inevitability of human nature will bring one to a fork in the road. Will you get bored with running and give up? Or will a tiny spark ignite inside you, and light a competitive fire? You can compete against yourself and your own goals, or maybe set goals of competing in local running events.

Here’s hoping you choose the second option. There is no sense in doing something if you don’t want to do it better than you did last time. And if you want to start to get better, there are two areas to focus on: building an aerobic base, and developing speed. Chances are you already started building an aerobic base. That is the more basic concept, and it is how most people casually enter the running realm. Any time you decide to jog “just a little longer” than last time, you build on your base. Increasing the duration of your sub-maximal (i.e. you aren’t sprinting) efforts, you are building your base. That is just a simple approach, there are coaches and methods for this! This week we’ll look at some basics on building up your aerobic capacity, and next week the fun part…. SPEED!

Building an Aerobic Base


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