So You Wanna Be a Weightlifter?

Previously I had passed along a tidbit of information, an introduction to the clean. In my mind, I was giving good info for anyone wanting to adapt an Olympic movement into their specific training plans. But some of you may want to adapt Olympic weightlifting training as a sport. And who wouldn’t? The freakish strength displayed by some of the elite lifters is out of this world. Watching Dmitry Klokov do pause snatches with a weight I might use for working sets of deadlifts makes me wonder why I even try? Maybe I should just take up cross stitching instead?

But with great power comes great requirements for precision. Along with being some of the strongest athletes in the world, they are some of the most precise. The lifts, as performed in competition, are some of the more technically demanding movements you will see in any realm of strength work. You’ll have to swallow your pride a bit, and drop to practicing with weights you know you are STRONG enough for, but long term success will blow people’s minds.

But where do you need to begin? You’ll need a coach, you may need to find a new gym, and you’ll certainly need to start building your base of knowledge. I’ll leave these snippets here to whet your appetite. But remember, if this is the path you end up taking, listen to your coach who actually watches you. And don’t feel compelled to grow a hipster beard and a man-bun.

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