What Flavor Kool Aid Are You Drinking?

I’ve always been a pretty vehement CrossFit hater. In terms of being cool and finding a crowd to get along with, its almost as good as being a CrossFit practitioner. Coming from a military background, I definitely rubbed elbows some followers, and a lot of them were complete studs. For sure, it can still be an approach that yields solid, practical output.

Outside of the good fun that comes from poking fun at the cult, one of my actual (real, based on a logical thought process) reasons that I keep a distance is that people tend to get lost in the mess of “general preparedness” and don’t take the time to structure blocks of phases of training. Or from a slightly different angle of the same argument, they don’t structure their entire program to hone in on a specific set of strengths, rather choosing to be pretty decent at more things. The whole “jack of all trades, master of none” idea.

However in the interest of giving everyone a fair shake, there are different methods under the umbrella of CrossFit. And even CrossFit haters such as myself should open their minds to the potential. There are ways to refine the CrossFit approach to be a little more specific to your needs, or to outline a smaller subset of physical skills that you want to develop more. CrossFit Football was the first method I was exposed to, and it remains a strong presence to this day. But wait, there’s more.

Check out the following. Open your minds!

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