What Does Westside Really Know Anyways?

I mean sure, they produce some of the strongest American powerlifters we’ve ever seen, and are a proponent of a system that has been mimicked (to varying degrees of success) by countless others as they chase new records and big weights. But is Louie Simmons really anything special as a coach?

And the answer is yes, of course he is.

Some detractors of the Westside Method might suggest that it is only applicable towards equipped lifters, and that raw lifters, or lifters who pursue strength for other sports will not reap the same results. And they may or may not be right, I am not here to debate that. I am only here to drive a tiny wedge between “Westside Method” and the generic term of “conjugate method.”

A conjugate method is really just a method of using different training blocks within a time period to focus on different aspects of muscle performance. Westside likes their “Max Effort/Dynamic Effort” approach. There are simple Bro Science 101 methods like “heavy low rep day” and “light high rep day” that could also apply. Truth is, there are more than a few ways to structure a “conjugate method” of training, and Westside, as awesome as they are, are not the only ones with license to this approach. And though this is Powerlifting Tuesday, I am only using the a popular sub-topic within powerlifting as a jump off point. Just as I suggest bodybuilding principles can be used to bolster a powerlifting program, powerlifting principles can be used to bolster other goals.

Here are some videos to broaden your horizons on what it means to use a “conjugate method” in your training.

Westside Barbell Made Simple (from supertraining06)

Westside: Conjugate for Raw Lifters (from Silent Mike)

Critique of Westside with Chad Wesley Smith and Dr. Mike Israetel (Juggernaut Training Systems)

Conjugate for Strongman
FREE STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM!! How I Set Up the Conjugate Method (from Brian Alsruhe)

Conjugate for Crossfit
Crossfit Conjugate Method (from Team HMB)


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