Powerbuilding is a Myth

There is a notion among some fitness circles that powerlifting training and bodybuilding training can be morphed into this wonderful super-unicorn of awesomeness. Just frankenstein your powerlifting program with a bodybuilding split and you’ll be rewarded with righteously swole and aesthetic muscles, as well as herculean strength. Truth is, most of any “powerbuilding” programs are going to diminish the returns you would see from doing either type of training on its own.

I am a big advocate of using powerlifting templates as the center of most of my programs. While I dismiss the notion of “powerbuilding” as a pursuit by itself, I do like to borrow a lot of bodybuilding tactics for assistance and accessory work. For a lot of powerlifting programs, the assistance and accessory work is a bit higher volume, aiming for hypertrophy. And bodybuilders certainly know a few things about that.

So yes, you can borrow some bodybuilding tricks to help build strength. Is it powerbuilding? No. Its just a well thought out and  well placed utilization of basic strength training ideas.

Below are some videos of methods I borrow from. In most cases, I do not do AS SHOWN. I adapt it to my program. Lots of the bodybuilding approaches are very high volume, and it would be too much. I use my own abridged adaptations of some of these methods. I suggest you peruse these and see what you can borrow. Or maybe you really dont even care about powerlifting, and you can just get down with these pump chasers as is.

Kris Gethin’s 4 Week DTP (from Bodybuilding.com)

(Chest and Back)
(Shoulders and Traps)
(Legs and Abs)
(Arms and Abs)

Tom Platz High Volume Leg Destruction Workout (from Colossus Fitness)

Phil Heath Chest Workout (from FlexPlusTV)

Kai Greene Shoulder Session (from Kai Greene)

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