…you’ve made it this far, it only gets simpler from here. But you still need to put in the work. We’re here to help you take total control of your fitness. We are here to give workout ideas and advice, so you can enjoy the benefits of exercise WITHOUT being confused, or duped by bad personal trainers. And we are here to give advice on building home gyms, basement gyms, garage gyms, etc, so you can enjoy the convenience of your own workout space and schedule, as well as the freedom from recurring membership fees.

We understand that fitness can sometimes seem complicated, sometimes daunting. We’re here to work WITH you, give fitness tips and workout ideas. Whether you are into weight training or cardiovascular endurance, we love it all and cover it all. We’re here to bring light to new ideas, new (or sometimes old!) training methods. Consider us your new library for all the best, and most relevant physical training methods out there. Soak up some knowledge, apply it to your fitness lifestyle.

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